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These articles are based on what I have learned and applied over my 20+ year career in high-growth startups. These articles are essentially the "A-ha!" moments I've had while trying to solve the problems of growth.

I hope they help you with the challenges of growing your business.

The Best Bosses I’ve Ever Had

The Best Bosses I’ve Ever Had
If you’re the leader of a high-growth company, it’s important that you decide what kind of leader you really want to be. Your personal leadership style has a large impact on your company’s culture and success. So, it’s critical that…

Calgary Will Rebound

Calgary Will Rebound
Let’s face it: Calgary has seen some rough years lately. However, difficult times don’t last forever and I’m certain Calgary will rebound. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s everything you need to know about how the city ended up in its…

Experience Is Becoming Less Valuable

Have you ever noticed that professional athletes are getting bigger contracts at younger and younger ages? Look at what is happening in free agency in major sports leagues. It used to be that players in the later stages of their…

10 Books to Make you a Better Leader

Let’s face it: A whole lot of business books really aren’t that great. In fact, many should be an email, or at most a 2-3 page report. However you can't sell an email for $29.95, so we have Business books that are repetitive and, perhaps, lacking in real substance.

What I learned at London Business School

Business school is a logical step for anyone looking to pursue a business-related career. Plus, going back to school can also be a great way to develop skills to advance your career if you’re already a working professional. However, with…

What I learned at Harvard Business School

Long considered the gold standard in business education, Harvard Business School (HBS) is renowned for its innovative teaching style and world-class professors. But, if you’re interested in going to HBS, you might be wondering what actually happen there? Here’s my…