Posted by: Richard | May 11, 2009

The trip has life

Well, the trip is officially a go.  After a false start in 2008 and another one in February, it seems like the world has decided to take a break and allow Lynn and I to step away long enough to complete this great trip! 

The past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of trying to tie-up and predict loose ends, both at work and at home.  This weekend saw Lynn and I in Banff and Canmore, searching for the elusive perfect trekking trousers for Lynn.  Alas, we came home empty handed (if you omit the 1.5 pounds of Candy we picked up in Banff), and the search for trousers will resume this week in Calgary.

I have also been considering a new pack, but nothing I try seems to work, so I guess I’m staying with my ski touring pack, a 55L Black Diamond that will focus me to keep pack weight down.  I did pick up the newest GR5 book from Cicerone, and have spent the weekend reading the stages to find mythical bivouacing locations, proposed rest areas and general planning that will become obsolete once our boots are on the trail.

Coming up this week is money raising for Room to Read.  A few key points about what we are doing are quite unique:

1. Every penny you donate goes to Room to Read.  We take nothing from anybody on this trip, and every dollar goes towards building libraries in Nepal.

2. Every penny you donate (up to our goal fundraising amount) is matched by Lynn and I.  Yes, you heard that correctly, your donation is doubled by Lynn and I!  How can you not donate now?

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