Posted by: Richard | May 29, 2009


Well, it’s been a hectic final week. First off, we had an 80 hour trip last weekend to drop off our puppy Rupert in Victoria. He loves the ocean (though surprisingly hates the lake and rivers here in Calgary) and I know he will have a great summer on the island.

Besides making sure the little man is happy and safe, it’s been hectic trying to tie up projects at Vista prior to the trip. Thankfully we are blessed with a deep pool of very talented people at Vista and I know we will keep moving forward in my absence. I don’t know what I would do if it was otherwise….

Many people are interested in what we are taking for clothes, specifically for Lynn. Well, you’ll be surprised at how little we are taking. It is incredible that our clothes for June and July are less than what we would take on an overnight to Banff! Our bag will have:

1 x trousers
1 x shorts
1 x t-shirt
1 x long-sleeved shirt
3 x socks
1 x down coat
1 x rain coat
hiking boots

I know you don’t want to know about undies, so I won’t share that….Almost everything we have is merino wool, which is incredible as it keeps you warm and it can keep you cool. It doesn’t get dirty and somehow doesn’t get stinky (ewww). If it gets cold, we’ll be wearing almost everything listed above!!! I know we’ll get a few days like we get in the Rockies, where we’ll deal with snow, sleet and numb fingers and toes….

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