Posted by: Richard | May 31, 2009

And we’re off….tomorrow

We’ve been amazed by the flood of support over the past couple of days.  Thank you for supporting Room to Read and helping children in developing countries.  I urge people to read “Leaving Microsoft to change the world” on their summer holiday this summer, it is very compelling and the reason why Lynn and I are raising money for them.

Today has been mayhem, trying to get everything done and purchase a range or urgent last minute necesseties, like memory for cameras, sunnies, advil, polarizing filter, toothbrush caps to name a few.  We’ve also been busy doing washing, charging camera batteries, updating ipod’s and packing up our bags.  I think we’re ready and it’s time for a relaxing cup of tea.

There are many benefits of a long walk.  A time for silence and thinking, fresh air, sleeping under the stars, new experiences, new challenges, new people, many failures and many successes.  I know we’ll have to get used to not being charge, specifically of being lost, sore, hungry and tired, hopefully not all at the same time.  This may not sound that good, but trust me, this is life!

A nice side benefit of a long walk is getting fit again.  In 2002 I I dropped about 25 pounds in 2.5 months of walking in the Pyrennes and Alps (all the way down to 175 pounds).  Unfortunately, 7 years at a desk in the biggest boom since the Klondike gold rush has meant that I’ve put all that weight on and then some.  The boom has meant that many of us have had to give something up, for me it was originally the gym, and over the past two years it has been running.  I’ve crept up to an astounding 212 pounds, and my pack is 33 pounds.  I am hopeful that this extra weight and poor conditioning will mean I’ll see a much more dramatic change to my body on the walk than Lynn will (who is still fit and trim through regular trips to Lindsey Park to hit Jari Love’s Ripped classes).

Well, I think Lynn and I both feel a bit like children before Christmas.  It will be hard to sleep tonight, I just want to get to the airport, get to the plane, get to Toronto, get to Paris, get to a few good cafes and musee’s, get to the early train to Evian and then take the first step on the walk….

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