Posted by: Richard | June 3, 2009

In Paris

Well, we’ve been in Paris for two days and we are getting used to the time change and weather (heat heat heat).  Our plan in Paris is to walk 15km – 20km a day as preparation  for our days in the alps.  We are fortunate that we are on the 6th floor of a walk-up for our apartment, so we are even getting some training on ascents.  Yesterday we added to the ascent by climbing the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph.

We were quite pleased to find out we were in the Metro Newspaper in Calgary.  Other than that, we have a phone number if you are looking for us: +33 66 957 4783. Give us a call if you want.


  1. Wow, Richard. This sounds so fun. Wish we were there to sip rosee with you. Bonne Chance!! Rupert says hi. He went on a long walk (1 1/2 hours) in Mount Doug last night and seemed to have fun. He’s a bit tuckered as it is very hot here and also he is getting a lot of walks and fun in the Park. He is a lucky boy! (here at Camp Skinnider!)

  2. Whoops, i was in Pairs on Tuesday. Best of luck with the walk. What is the target date to arrive in Nice? I might still be here.

  3. Richard,

    Your phone number listed is not quite right. The following is the one that we got from Jamie Newton. I have phoned you on it.

    Here it is:



  4. checking your progress daily and all here in Newcastle very proud of what you’ve both achieved so far
    lots of love and best wishes mam and dad xxx

  5. Lynn
    Bumped into your mam and dad on Sunday who revealed your latest exploits. Just wanted to say hello to you both and wish you luck in your endeavours. Just incase your wondering who I am, me and Lynns dad go back a long way to our contracting days with BT in the early 90’s and old friends die hard… Good luck.

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