Posted by: Richard | June 18, 2009

Day 3: To La Chapelle d’Abondance

June 12: We were up early (Lynn was pushing to get to the city and get a shower and some good food).

The day started with a lovely hike up to a high pass (col) and Lynn and I did beautifully (we are getting stronger every day).  This was the first day we saw others on the trails and it is reassuring to see others.  At the top of our first col, we saw an amazing herd of wild bouqutin (very rare).  These crazy deer-like animals have huge horns and we were a bit afraid of them after the cow incident from the day before.  We gave them a wide berth and moved on quickly.

We climbed a second col and then dropped down to a lovely collection of farm buildings (Les Chalets de Bise), in one of them was a mountain refuge and a restaurant selling simple fare.  We ordered the biggest omelette I have ever seen (roughly 24 inches x 10 inches) filled with friend potatoes and cheese.  Being health nuts, we had a side of salad and an Orangina.  I am not a fan of eggs, but almost came to blows with Lynn to get my share of this enormous omelette’s (we were informed there were 8 large eggs, milk and a few fried potatoes and lots of cheese in this omelette).  It was delicious.

We now had our third and final col of the day, after which it was to be smooth sailing (or so I thought) down to the lovely village of Chapelle D’Abondance.  We got up the col, but were getting a bit tuckered.  We now had about 1,000m drop down to the town.  This was trying on our legs, and Lynn in particular as she had been bitten by some bastard bugs that caused the back of her right leg to swell up like a tennis ball.  She was not having fun, and I was anxious to get into town.

We got down to a road a few km’s out of town, and Lynn was in tears.  She had pushed herself so hard today.  I didn’t realize how bad the bites were (but realized a day later), and Lynn did a great job.

Coming into town, the first building we saw was a 2* hotel.  We got a room for 50 euros and proceeded to clean ourselves up. It was heaven.  Chapelle was a great little town with very friendly people.  Both Lynn and I were impressed by everything in the town (except for the fact that there was no internet).

That night, we went to a Michelin guide recommed restaurant at Hotel Les Cornettes (an excellent hotel by the way).  We had the fixed price menu for 23 euros.  We had a feast.  Delicious and both Lynn and I were filled to the brim.  Waddling back to our hotel, we were asleep as our heads hit the pillow.  Lovely!

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