Posted by: Richard | June 18, 2009

Day 7: To Chamonix

June 17: Well, we were excited to get going today.  I wanted to get to Chamonix (a mountain town where I’ve spent many enjoyable holidays) and Lynn wanted another good meal and a shower.

We started early and went great today.  Both Lynn and I had a lot of energy and we quickly made it up the col d’Anterne (crossing many snow patches where I have tought Lynn the safe way to travel on snow).  Beautiful scenery abounded everywhere and we sauntered into Refuge Moede Anterne for a little lunchtime snack of crepes and cheese.  A lovely sunny day as we made our way to Chamonix.

We quickly dropped out of refuge down to a river.  As we got lower and lower, the temperature got hotter, the air more humid and the bugs became very forward, resting on our bare arms and legs for breaks and small feeds. 

Hitting the river, we started on a 850m uphill climb to the Col de Brevent.  We wanted to finish the day, and Lynn set a blistering pace out of the gate as we raised to the col.  There were several airy parts, where we looked down hundreds of metres to a river below.  A slip here would have been a trip to the hospital or the morgue.  Not that a trip was likely, as the going was easy, but it is always disconcerting to be so exposed.

The way up to the col was long and hard.  Thankfully, some jokers had decided to use rocks to make almost a staircase for the last 400m of gain.  Yes, a staircase for 400m!!!  There are some crazy fools over here.  This made the uphill much easier, though anytime you head up to 2,350m on an 850m climb, it is very tiring.  Getting to the col (over many snow patches where I broke through a few times) and seeing the Mont Blanc range was incredible.  We made a quick decision that going higher up to the summit of Brevent would be too dangerous because of the snow so we quickly (running at times) descended to Chamonix.

We arrived in Chamonix exhausted and once again hobbled.  We stumbled into a tourist office and asked about hotels.  Lynn suggested we get a hotel with a pool.  Well, the nicest hotel in Chamonix (built in 1850) was next door and had an outdoor pool where you could look at Mont Blanc while swimming.  The tourist lady called over and got a steal on a suite with a view of Mont Blanc.  Wow, luxury.  Lynn was very direct in her questioning of the amenities “DO   YOU   HAVE   SHAMPOO   AND    CONDITIONER”.  When I later said that “every 4* hotel has shampoo and conditioner”, Lynn put me in my place saying “I’ve climbed over two mountains today, I can ask any question I want”.  She is right.  She did amazing today.

We quickly showered the mud off of ourselves and went down to the pool.  We had a lovely champagne cocktail and floated in the pool.  Wow, luxury!!!

Finally, we went to an amazing dinner at L’M (restaurant from France’s young chef of the year for 2009).  It was exquisite, and we ate and watched the sun set on Mont Blanc.

Back to our hotel, and we slid into the softest, cleanest sheets and dropped off to sleep like angels.


  1. hi u two very proud of what your doing, thinkin g wouldnt it be great if shower gel came down with the rain, keep up the good work sheila davey and sooty tooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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