Posted by: Richard | June 18, 2009

Rest Day 2: Chamonix

June 18: Well, we couldn’t leave without enjoying Chamonix, checking email and lounging in the squares.  Also, we want to swim some more today and fatten ourselves back up.  As stated earlier, I am cultivating an exceptionally dodgy handlebar moustache which, much like Poirot’s moustaches, requires careful attention and grooming.  Actually, I must look a right sight, as at the pool yesterday the barman asked me if I was a guest.  The others at the pool all had grey hair!!!  ha!

A few thoughts on the walk.

1/ I can’t believe how long it seems we’ve been going.  We experience so much emotion each day that a week ago seems like an eternity.  This is what I think is so addictive, that every hour has a dramatic new experience or emotion.  It is very tough, but so gratifying.

2/ Lynn had done an incredible job.  She mentioned a few nights ago that she didn’t really know what this would be like, but now that she is doing it, she is really liking it.  She has become very strong and leads part of each day.  I’m very proud of her.

3/ We listen to a Poirot story every night, though often fall asleep within 5 minutes of starting it.  It is a lot of fun to snuggle up with a Poirot story on the iPod and fall asleep.  At 8pm!!!

4/ We’ve lucked out with great weather. Touch wood, but most of my time in this part of the world has seen a lot of rain.  Thankfully, we’ve been mostly sunny, with showers in the evenings.

5/ There is such a thing as too much cheese.  Cheese for lunch and dinner every night is too much!.

Tomorrow we start stage 2, to Modane.  We’re hoping the weather holds and the snow keeps melting.  Keep texting and calling us, it is nice to chat after a hard day!

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