Posted by: Richard | June 25, 2009

Rest Day 4: Val D’Isere

June 25: It may seem silly to stay in Val D’Isere with nothing open, but our bodies wanted a day off.  Specifically our feet.  Both Lynn and I have sore feet. In addition, we wanted to buy some nice food, mail some stuff home and catch up on news.

My thoughts for the past part of the walk:

1/ We sent home 3.1 kg of stuff today.  The inside of our tent, a pot, my nice sunnies, two sleeping mats and a backup knife.  This brings our total of stuff sent home to about 6kg!!  Our packs will be heavenly light now (well, mine will drop by about 2.8kg!).  The only remaining stuff to send home will be the rest of the tent (1.4kg) our sleeping bags (0.7kg/ea) and the rest of our cooking gear (.4kg).  We’re keeping these items as our emergency gear that will allow us a bit more flexibility.  Ironically, we are down to what I originally thought of bringing when I was doing our gear list (it’s amazing how quickly it expands).

2/ Lynn is doing great, better than I think even she expected.  She has become very strong after a lot of hardship in the first leg of the trip.  We both have good days and bad days, but so far we balance each other out and whoever is doing well can inspire the other person to keep going.

3/ We stink.  All of our gear now has the smell of 245km’s of sweat and dirt on it, and I fear that when we come back to civilization we must be a rough looking (and smelling) lot.

4/ There is nobody doing this route. I had expected full refuges and lots of people each day.  It is nothing like this.  We have shared a refuge only one night, with one other walker.  Otherwise, we are on our own every night in the refuge dormitories.

5/ We just can’t seem to get rid of our blisters and foot problems. I think weight might be an issue, so am excited to drop the extra weight today and can’t wait to see what the next stage brings us.

Overall, this is a great trip so far.  It has tested us tremendously, both physically and mentally.  We both like that we have gone through pain and feel like we are stronger (not just physically, but mentally able to put up with discomfort, pain and tough circumstances).  I can’t believe that we are over 1/3rd done right now.  We are both looking forward to the next week, and eventually to running into the Mediterranean Sea.

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