Posted by: Richard | July 1, 2009

Another Post from Lynn!!!

July 1:

Travelling as a Canadian:
Yes, I’m travelling as a Canadian! I know I’m British but after living in Canada for 12 years, being on my way to becoming a dual citizen and being married to a very handsome Canadian man, I feel I have the right to play this card!  For some reason people like you more and especially if you speak French and tell them you are from the rocky mountains of Canada… they smile, oh how they adore Canadians.
I realized early on in the trip that if they think you are British or worse an American, you will receive the cold shoulder, bad service and bad food… for some reason the Brits have a bad rep over here and I’m not about to question this… so, I smile and play my dual nationality. It has worked like a charm and we are received and welcomed with warmth!
A few mixed notes:
We are now on day 18 of the walk and it amazes me how well we have both done, yes my tears are long gone now and I’m sometimes in shock that Richard and I can hike for over 9 hours and still be happy and cheery – no longer do I wonder why we are doing this and if I can keep up!
It amuses me that I have asked Richard the question ‘How much longer do you think we have to go?’ and he has replied ‘About 2 hours’ and my reply ‘oh, that’s nothing’!!!!!!  This is the girl that would drive to Blockbuster to pick up a movie rather than walk the 30 minutes round trip!
A few people have emailed and asked if it was true that I have no products travelling with me!  I have to admit I do have a very tiny tiny Cremè de la mer and a small leave-in-conditoner and a lip balm. That is all I have in my backpack in the luxury items department! I do wish I had some peppermint foot lotion and a few other items but I can do without the extra weight in my pack.
It really amazes me how much the body recovers from a hard day, fast. I have been beyond tired at the end of our hiking day and yet, we eat, sleep and are ready to go the next day without question… I feel I’m going to do a lot of running and marathons when we get back home as Ive never been in this great shape and id like to keep it up.
One thing I would like to point out is this expedition is damn hard but has brought so much joy and amazing experiences to us… even with the few dangers that have come our way we are both enjoying the journey.  The worst experience by far for me was the day we were almost attacked by a mountain dog… we were walking by a flock of sheep high on the mountain and we were about 200 metres from them when a huge 100+ pound dog started to bark and aggressively jumped the fence where he and the other dog were protecting the sheep and came after us.
Note: you can not shout, show your teeth or show any anger to these dogs or they will attack you. So Richard and I walked slowly and the dog barked insanely and snarled behind us, so very close that I could feel his hot breath on the back of my legs and as I’m the smallest of the 2 of us he went for me first, and I thought this is it… he is going to bite and what can we do to protect ourselves. I don’t think i have ever been that scared before, I was shaking so much that I thought I would have a heart attack… we were lucky and kept walking very close to each other to make ourselves look like a bigger and after he chased after us he finally gave up and returned to the flock, still barking.  This still have me shaken up every time we now walk by sheep fields.


  1. WOW!!! the writing you guys have been doing is so great 🙂 I totally lost sight of the blog and didnt realize you were updating on such a regular basis. I will definitely stay tune from now on!!!

    The trip sounds absolutely incredible. 9 hour days of walking! Im tired just thinking about it 🙂

    You two are an impressive team. I hope your weather stays friendly and your spirits high. Im thinking of you guys!

    Keep on trucking!


  2. Great writing Lynn! I laughed aloud about your confession of surviving on so few products. So cute!
    Happy trekking and keep up the writing! xox

  3. hi lynn and richard the dog situation sounds terrifying, all in a days trek for you, i am feeling really guilty as i was thinking about buying a m&s rose body spray when i am in town tomorrow,isnt it amazing what we dont really need , you two are truely inspirational , keep safe and enjoy ps u were in our thought s today when we were doing our little 6 mile stroll in the country


  4. well done both of you
    we’re all so very proud of what you’ve achieved
    enjoy the sun and relax now its all over its something you’ll never forget

    lots of love

    mam and dad


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