Posted by: Richard | July 1, 2009

Day 16: To Plamplinet

June 29: It sounds crazy to say that 7 hours of walking up and down mountains is an easy day, but after to 10 hour days, this 7 hour day was a piece of cake.  While others in the refuge started waking up at 5.40am, we stayed in bed until 7.30 and were by far the last to leave the refuge around 9am.  It was a lovely day for a walk.

We were on fire from the start, tearing up the paths and enjoying the spectacular scenery.  We quickly started to pass the others that had left up to 2.5 hours ahead of us.  I don’t know what they were doing, but they were sure doing it slow.

After the events of the day before, today seemed rather serene and uneventful.  The biggest change today was the climate change.   Coming over a Col (Col = Mountain Pass), we went from the somewhat wet mountains we’d been in for 2+ weeks into a very dry climate, reminding me of some of the drier parts of the BC interior.  It was another smoking hot day as we dropped down into the valley.  We made a detour into a village of Nevache to get water (again, we ran out as water spots were dried up), though we foolishly missed the little general store (well, foolishly we thought, but more on that in day 17’s post).

We came into Plampinet, still somewhat fatigued but quite early (usually we arrive around 6pm – 7pm) and were able to listen to some iPod, have a beer and then a delicious 90 minute nap.  We had a nice dinner and went back to bed.  After two bad sleeps (squeaky bed and the loud dormotories in Refuge de Thabor), it was so nice to have such a nice sleep.

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