Posted by: Richard | July 1, 2009

Rest Day 5: Briancon

July 1: Briancon is a great town and we were excited to start exploring.  We started the morning changing rooms, as the TV in our room didn’t work and we needed to watch some TV (we both enjoy catching up on the news, especially Michael Jackson related).

We wandered down into the new town and was surprised that the town was alive. This was not just a ski town, but people lived here.  Yeahhhh.  We lucked into a laundromat that had an internet cafe above (and both very cheap).  We checked email in the morning (I can’t believe the Flames got J.Bo!!!) and then wandered across town to go to a giant supermarket.  I’ve been thinking of getting a netbook as internet cafes are hard to find, but all tourist offices have free WiFi.

Alas, the walk was unsuccessful, as the cheapest netbook was about $500, too much for my blood.

Other than this, we’ve got cleanish clothes (the stink is hard to lose), three bags of food and after this is done, we’ll wander up to our hotel and eat fruit and watch bbc in our new hotel room.  Yeah!!!!!

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