Posted by: Richard | July 14, 2009

Day 19: To Ceillac

July 3rd: Well another hot hot day, but thankfully we were in the shade.  I realize that it is somewhat hard to remember details almost two weeks later, so I guess this will be shorter.

We started well, heading to Chateau Queryas, an old fort.  While we would have liked to stay and explore, today was a longer day and so we stopped at a cafe-bar-restaurant-supermarket-tabac-magazine shop and had cold drinks and some Callippo’s (Cola flavored ice lollies).

Lynn wanted me to point that there were a lot of bugs on the walk today, and I do recall coming into Chateau Queryas with a few big bites.

Coming into Ceillac, we found out via our Dutch friends that the hotel was out of the centre of the village, so we walked over into one of the weirdest places I have stayed in a long time.  The person working the desk was a bit odd and not your typical service industry type.  He was about 65, unkempt, missing quite a few teeth and dirty.  I am unsure if he was supposed to be working the desk or was doing a favour (a lot of the villages we get to  are pretty rural, so I don’t get surprised by how things work … or don’t).  I haven’t done him justice, but Lynn and I were both a bit weirded out.  Upon getting into our room, it became weirder, as the room was decorated with this intense (read mentally unstable) yellow wallpaper on every surface and a giant photo of a crying baby above the bed.  This was weird.  So weird that Lynn and I decided to cancel eating at the resto and head into the town and their pizzeria. 

We had average pizza at the side of the only street and then came back early for bed in our ‘Shining’ room and listened to some books on tape.

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