Posted by: Richard | July 14, 2009

Day 21: To Larche

July 5: We woke up early as it was a long day and storms were forecast.  We had our breakfast hoping the snorer and her angry male friend would come down as we were curious as to how the banging and arguing would play out on a weird relationship.  Alas, no such luck.

We were out the door at 7.05 and the route was a bit shitty, as we were on a road for the first 3 hours.  This was not as bland as normal, as coming around a corner we saw one….wait, two….wait three, four….wait SIX PASTOUS (pastous are aggressive sheep protector dogs).  Lynn and I freaked after our previous experiences and started walking back.  The dogs trotted by us happy as Larry.  Hmmm, what was going on.  Then we saw a human, and thought we understood.  We didn’t until we saw the waves of sheep (maybe a thousand) being led up into their summer high alpine homes.  We hid behind a chance car passing and were amazed by all the sheep.  It was a very cool experience.

Though, once is never enough, and we had three herds of sheep pass us in the morning walk.  Funnily enough, our dutch friends stayed in a different town about 15 kms away and complained about herds of sheep going through the town at 4am, so they must have been walking a long time.

We crossed an incredible old bridge 100+m above a river and started our way up to Foulliouse, where we stopped for a cold drink (the food hadn’t started yet).  From Foulliouse, the fun started with a massive climb up over two cols.  As compensation, in between the cols we dropped down into a WW2 garrison which was very very cool as it was abandoned and going into disrepair.  High on a close peak was a fort used to protect France from Italy (maybe this was part of the Maginot Line???).

We climbed out of the garrison and we were both exhausted and feeling the heat.   We got over and came down and were very weary after our 10hour day with a bad sleep.  We came to what we thought was the only hotel and checked in.  It was a lovely hotel, with great 1920’s furniture, but the dinner was horrible, in fact the only time this entire trip where we haven’t eaten almost all our dinner. This night,we ate only 25%.  Yuck!

Another night early to bed and iPods on….

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