Posted by: Richard | July 14, 2009

Day 23: To Auron

July 7th: Well, get used to this, but Richard was unwell still today, even though we did sleep-in in our tent.  Even though sick, we went very well today and were greatly helped by an excellent meal in St Dalmas le Selvage (a great little village).

We dropped from high down to a lovely old village where we wanted to stay called St Etienne de Tinee, but the lack of quality hotels for a sick-rest day meant we continued up to Auron, a winter ski resort that is trying (somewhat successfully) to stay open in the summer and we had been assured had a nice hotel. 

We got to Auron and went to the luxury hotel and had an amazing bathroom and BBC.  We stumbled onto Michael Jackson’s funeral and watched it on BBC in between baths.  We also gorged on food from the supermarket. 

We couldn’t get clean, as with baths and showers we both smelled like people who had wore the same shirt almost across the alps….

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