Posted by: Richard | July 19, 2009

Day 25: To La Bolline

July 10: Today we started early, though not as early as the others in the refuge, who had argued with the refuge owners the night before as they wanted to start as early as possible (at 6am!!!).

Lynn wasn’t feeling well this morning, and I was still sick, so today turned out to be much harder than we had expected. We basically dropped all morning from our high refuge at Longon into a low valley at St Sauver de Tinee.  We stopped here for a terrible ‘New’ flat Fanta orange (what a weird product flat fanta is) and a couple of Calippo Cola’s (a lovely frozen treat).

As we walked up, we passed a great hill town called Rimplas.  This town was on the old salt route and it was very cool.  Alas, the cafe was closed so we ate our own peanuts and drank some water.  While we were sad we couldn’t have other food, we found out later that the cafe gave one of our Dutch friends food poisoning, so this was another incident of divine providence on our trip.

While the downhill was ok for Lynn and I, the uphill was hard.  At lunch in St Sauveur, we also called ahead to our destination (St Dalmas) and the hotel was full.  We called the town 1hour before (La Bolline) and found a room at the nice hotel.   As we climbed, we were very happy that our climb would end early at La Bolline, as we were feeling terrible.

Coming into the town, I was worried for Lynn, as she was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other.  Lynn had helped me through times like this, and I slowed down and talked her into the town. 

We found the hotel, and it had a bath!!!!  This was so nice, so Lynn had a long bath and then we emptied the water and I did.  The town was great and the hotel very nice, so after our cleanings, we walked around town and found a small grocery store where we stocked up on so much food.  After this food, we watched some Bocce, then went for an average dinner.

That night, we ate some more and listened to iPod’s in bed while a great summer evening raged outside.  We were happy to be fed, watered and clean in a nice bed in a lovely town.

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