Posted by: Richard | July 19, 2009

Day 27: To Aspremont

July 12: Well, guess who were the last ones out of the hostel. The french were up at 5am, one was running to Chamonix (impressive and crazy fella) and the french woman who had taken the taxi just liked waking up at a godforsakened hour to walk. 

Lynn and I left the gite and I felt like shit.  Lynn was back in form, but not me.  We walked to Levens in crazy heat.  Thankfully, Levens was a great town, and we felt out of place, as it was full of posh holiday-makers who were clean.  We saw Arlen and Jeannette at a little restaurant in the lovely main square (more of a long oval) and sat down to a very good meal.  I felt so self-conscious that I changed my shirt here!!

Great meal and then I found some cash at a bank machine and we were off for Aspremont.  It must have been 32C+ and we were out of the high mountains.  I don’t really remember the way to Aspremont, but I do remember coming into Aspremont.  Lynn was finding it hard going, with tears and the fear that she would faint. Lynn and I were spent at this point.  We were limping and I was eyeing any piece of grass as an alternative if the hotels were full.  It was our first weekend in July in the tourist belt and we were scared.

We came into the hilltop village and we thanked whoever had decided to locate the hotels at the base of the village.  We entered the first hotel and proceeded upon a very unique negotation for a room.  The owner was very cagey if he had a room and after some discussion he eventually opened up and said he did have a room.  We got the room, and were ecstatic. 

Now, we couldn’t see Arlen or Jeannette, and we wondered what happened to them.  Well, we thought that maybe the owner of the hotel had been a bit peculiar and didn’t let them in.   Either that or they had continued to Nice.  Well, later we found out that the owner was a bit peculiar and refused to rent them a room. They had arrived about 30 minutes before us and the owner must have been suspicious of us.  Arlen and Jeannette eventually arrived in nice t 9.30.  A hell of a rough walk if you ask me.

Well, Lynn and I had a nice shower and tried to walk up the stairs to the old town. Lynn was in tears with the pain of coming down the stairs, so you can imagine what the walk was like.

We had a great dinner, well, it was only good, but we were on a patio with a view of the sea and a great view of the mountains.  We limped out of the restaurant like old age pensioners, and shuffled to our hotel and went to bed, shattered….

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