Posted by: Richard | November 7, 2009

Dim Sum in HK

Let’s start off here with honesty: I’m not normally a fan on chinese food.  Being a vegetarian, pretty much everything is off limits.  What is usually available is fried vegetables in a gelatinous sauce.  Yuck.  Being in Hong Kong, I thought that maybe we just needed to get to the real thing, and real cantonese food would be delicious.

So for brunch, we went to one of the better dim sum restos in HK.  It looked good, packed full of people, and we were the only obvious tourists.  Right from the start, I realized that my hopes for a vegetarian oasis were not going to be realized.  When asking about vegetarian options, the waiter recommended some pork options “you don’t eat pork either?”.  After some discussion we decided to have some shrimp options, otherwise we were going home with only tea.  It was average, except for the deep fried long spring rolls with shrimp.  Which, like anything deep fried, were exceptional.

While we were eating our Cantonese dim sum, our guidebook pointed out that there actually was a veggie Shanghaiese resto in Causeway Bay area.  Excited (and still quite hungry) we made the journey.  Unfortunately it had moved, but Lynn was incredible, asking shop keepers over a 10 block journey where the restaurant had moved to.  Eventually we found the new location and sat down for another meal, only 90 minutes after our last one.

Now, this meal was good.  Excellent dumplings, sweet and sour tofu balls (lynn’s favorite) and my favorite of cold noodles with about a dozen sauces.  It was a bit like Buddha’s veggie in CalGary.

After these two meals, we waddled around for a bit, eventually getting on one of the trams (which  I loved) and then coming back to the hotel for a swim, a read and a nice rest.

At dinner, we went to  japanese restaurant, where for $5 Lynn got a deep fried soft shell crab.  She was happy.  Well as happy as can be when the people at the table behind us had exceptionally bad body odour.  It is rare when the stink coming off of a person overpowers the smell of raw fish, but tonight it did.  It reminded me of going for trumpet lessons when I was 12 at Bonavista Music.  My teacher (who shall remain nameless) was one of the worst smelling people I have ever met.  I remember walking into his office and the smell overpowering and making me want to wretch.  Within 5 minutes though, I would be accustomed to the smell and would not even notice it.  We kept waiting for the smell to dissipate last night, but no such luck….

Today is our last day in HK, and the plans are for a foot massage, a ride in the bay and a bit of a rest by the pool.  Bangkok tomorrow should be manic.


  1. Post some photos!

  2. Wow! Your blog is sounding like such a Campbell adventure. It seems that the food of the country is the MOST important aspect of the experience! Archie would have loved to read all of that.
    Seriously, glad you are enjoying your time. Bangkok will be quite the adventure. The beaches on the islands are spectacular (so others say!!!)

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