Posted by: Richard | November 7, 2009

Hong Kong

This is my first effort at typing on the netbook.  Although I was advised that this would be impossible, it is actually much like typing on a regular computer, even with my chubbby fingers.

We started off with a stop over in Frankfurt.  Expecting something incredible, we took the train into town, walked  in the rain for an hour and then went back to sleep in the terminal.  Frankfurt is pretty…unremarkable.  A couple of nice buildings and lots of expensive cars and golf shops.  I did love the trees on the train into the city though.  That and the pretzel sandwich’s….

Coming into HK, wow!  I have never been to this part of the world, and this is one beautiful city.  Big mountains,  big buildings and everything a little bit different.

We are staying in MongKok in Kowloon.  This is where people live, and it is fun to be a rare tourist in this part of town (as opposed to HK proper, which abounds with tourists).


  • the architecture – especially the narrow (30′ by 10′) 30+ story sky scrapers in mongkok
  • drinking a beer in an outdoor food stall in Temple street (alas, the food wasn’t as good as the ambiance)
  • watching a guy drive a car while we were having the beers above. This was so good as the guys expression was that of a man terrified that he was driving, he was trying to push the wheel away from him and shy his face away from the road.
  • the food.  i can’t believe how good everything has been. and Cheep cheep!
  • the indian restaurant (curry in a hurry).  we’ve eaten a meal there everyday so far….
  • roof-top pools.  enough said.
  • the mid-level escalators and the life around them.  bars, restaurants, people.  incredible stuff
  • the vibrancy of the city
  • the advertising.  people’s faces in the ads are so expressive.

Two more days here, then we head to Bangkok.

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