Posted by: Richard | November 12, 2009

“Tasteless….Yet Unrefined”

A fellow had a shirt that said the above yesterday.  I laughed again and again at the thought of the shirt.  I should have asked him where he got it.  There were several other t-shirts I have seen that have had me laughing out loud.  Finally, watching Bill Murray on Letterman last night (yes, of course we get Letterman) I was laughing out loud…often.  Bill Murray is one funny guy.

Also, caught an interview with Hillary Clinton on Bloomberg.  Wow, she is smart and very personable.  Lynn and I watched the entire interview with rapt attention…I wonder why this side didn’t come out when she was running for the Democratic ticket.

We are now in Luang Prabang. We took a rickity little Lao Airways flight from BKK here.  The plane was old…I would estimate based on the fabric choices and general wear that the plane was last upgraded in 1984 and used to island hop in the Maldives.

Luang Prabang is an incredible little town.  A very mellow place.  Still plenty hot though, so after lunch we walked about 100m and are now parked in a little bakery where I drink a BeerLao and Lynn peruses the guidebook.  This place is a bit like Khao San road, in the fact that it is entirely for tourists, with each resto being full of Europeans.  Thankfully, it is a really good crowd of relaxed people hanging out.

Funny, even though I can get free wifi I spent 20 minutes trying to find a bank machine, and when eventually i did find a bank machine, there is an $80 limit on withdrawals.

We are going to ease on down the road (as Bonnie “Prince” Billy would say) for today and then get out and see some waterfalls and caves tomorrow.


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