Posted by: Richard | November 21, 2009

and so on and so on…forever and ever

well, we are now in Ventiane…and we like it. Nobody is supposed to, but we do.  A slow sedate city with a few nice restaurants and some cars edging along.  Very nice.  Especially after Veng Viang.  Highlights of the last little while:

  • The bars in Veng Viang have stumbled upon a hit to bring in the punters: show tv.  Either Friends or Family guy (friends running ahead at 3 bars:1 bar with family guy.  I would love to be the guy with the full episodes of Seinfeld.  That said, we watched about 5 episodes of family guy.
  • I understand ladies, and couples watching friends, but to see guys in there solo willingly….I don’t get that.  I can also only assume that the laughter from people watching Friends was due to the willy-nilly use of magic mushrooms
  • Lynn and I prayed last night that the waiter had not put magic mushrooms on our pizza.  We have no interest in this.  The wacky guy kept making references to mushrooms and we kept saying “just the pizza, no mushrooms” that I became paranoid that he had put mushrooms on the pizza, which made Lynn paranoid.
  • Veng Viang.  The tube adventure.  I wish I had my camera for this.  It was really something.  We kayaked through.  Thank god we could move quickly.  Even with paddles and kayaks, one in our group got flipped. 
  • Veng Viang is probably what spring break is like.  As Lynn overheard one woman saying “i love it here.  I’m always so stoned that I forget to eat, i’m losing so much weight”
  • Veng Viang isn’t all bad (as it might seem from the above).  Did I mention the bar that was showing season 6 of the Family guy.
  • Our bungalow looked out on the Nahm Kahn, and was absolutely incredible to lie in bed, watch small boats coast down and the sun set over the beautiful karst mountains….
  • we trekked to the hidden eden valley.  our guide got covered in leeches.  it was lovely, and the day was only about 20 degrees, but we were both covered in sweat and were exhausted.  High compliments to those poor souls that explored SE Asia centuries ago…
  • Caves.  I have never been inside real ones.  Ones that go on for km’s. Ones with rivers in them.  They are very cool.  Especially the river ones.  Though the spiders are a bit freaky.
  • Watching loaded hippies coming back on tuktuks, 15 on a tiny bus, loaded, singing, half naked in the dark…they didn’t complete the tube trip…

We met a lot of nice people there, had a great kayak and enjoyed our time.  That said, it is lovely to be in sedate Vientiane.  Fewer hippies, nicer restaurants and the locals seem happier (hell, I would go insane if every day my town was populated by out of control foreigners bingeing on drink).

Tomorrow we head to Cambodia.  We cannot wait.  Should be lovely.

Oh yes, forget to mention that we won the kayak race. Go Canada (though several others commented “but kayaking is your national sport”.  Is it?)


  1. post some photos…..please…..especially on those elephants!

  2. Looking for some new photos of you two. did you take any of the eleflumps? Would have loved to see you atop the beasts. It sounds so wonderful, but then I wonder how I would have mounted the beasts. It seems like you needed lots of muscle to get atop of them.
    RUPERT misses you, as we do.
    Love Mom

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