Posted by: Richard | December 21, 2009

In Khao Lak….

Well, we are nearing the end of our trip, and we booked a luxury stay in Khao Lak.  I wanted to come here after hearing the horror stories after the tsunami and thinking ‘if I’m going to spend some money, I want to help the people here get back on their feet.

Alas, good intentions aren’t always rewarded.

We arrived after dinner at the Khao Lak Merlin in the middle of a thunderstorm.  The sky was magical, cutting the power and drenching anybody who stepped outside.  Upon checking in, we found out that we hadn’t booked a room with a view, but were going to be at the edges of the room (damn you expedia).  Oh well.  We got to our room and found out the room was single beds (double damn you expedia).  Eventually we got a room for the night with a king size bed.  The following day, Lynn laid on the charm (and 800 baht a night) and we moved to a lovely room with a view of the sea and about 15 small pools.  Much better.

Well, we thought the unpleasantness was over.  Alas, today made the first two days look like gold.

At lunch today we went to Jo’s Seafood.  We ordered an “extra spicy” green curry (a failsafe of great food) and some spicy shrimp.  What arrived looked like a coconut curry.  Lynn was not very impressed, so I flagged the waiter and said “I think we got the wrong meal, we ordered the green curry extra spicy and this is a coconut curry”.   I was unprepared for what came forth.  The fellow I was talking to went crazy.  “where you from??” he shouted at Lynn.  She replied “Lanta” thinking he meant our previous island.  “No what country” he moved closer to Lynn.  He was nuts.  She said “Canada” to which he got in her face and said “so you do not know what Thai food is, I’m from this country and this is Thai food. “.  I foolishly interjected “we’ve been in Thailand for six weeks and this is nothing like any of the other Thai curries”. Oh oh, this set him off “I will fucking kill you,I will fucking kill you” he yelled.  He was on top of Lynn and at this point I stood up and said “we’re leaving”. “You fucking pay, you pay for your meal.”.  I had taken a bite of mine, and we’d both put a spoon in Lynn’s, but this was getting dangerous.  “Lynn, get out of here” I said while I took the money out of my wallet.  I emptied what I assumed was fair, which was 320 baht.  I think I paid an extra couple of bucks, but when a crazy man is yelling at you because you think you received the wrong dish, it’s time to go.

As we left, the owner (we assume he must have been in charge as nobody stopped him) continued to yell insults at us.  We hurried back to our hotel, scared as kicked puppies.  Lynn vowed to not complain about the food ever again.  I vowed to stay the hell away from that restaurant.  Hell, from that half of the beach.  The guy was nuts and I didn’t want anything to do with him.

We’ve been shaken ever since (it’s been 7 hours since the incident).  We rented a scooter and went into Khao Lak proper, bought some food (we don’t want to eat out anymore) and for some reason were scared to go out to eat.  In the end, we went to McDonalds (the last time I ate at one they still sold their McPizza’s.  We shared a filet o’ fish and a jumbo fries. I still feel like arse from it, but I feel like I felt after I got mugged in North London….

Well, as you can imagine, Lynn and I cannot wait to get to Singapore and then to Scotland to see Lynn’s family.

In other news, we’ve had a series of friendly adventures with toads.  Three nights ago, Lynn felt like she was being watched, and looking in the corner say a toad the size of a child’s fist looking at her.  We have no idea how he got in our room, or how much he had seen….I used a towel and got him out.  Last night, at our door (in a new hotel), another lovely toad was waiting to get in.  I directed him away from the door, and he has spent the entire day in a huff waiting to be let in.  Jokingly I showed our friend the toad to a cleaner and he scared him over the balcony.  “SPLAT” was all I heard (it’s a 15 foot drop) and I said “he’s dead”.  “Not dead” said the cleaner with a smile.  I jogged down the stairs, and who is hanging out at the bottom with a giant smile, but Mr. Toad, happy as Larry.  Half an hour later, Mr. Toad has brought a buddy as they are hopping back up the steps to our door.  He’s a cute, funny little bugger, though I’m not sure about his friend.

Alright, we are off to dinner at Bamboo and then back to bed for some cards, hopefully a good movie and a peaceful sleep.


  1. Good Grief!!! That curry incident sounds insane!!
    I would have been shaking in my booties too.


    Well, I hope you guys are somewhere calm and tranquil now…where it’s safe to dine out without being verbally abused : I

    Merry Christmas and Safe travels! 🙂


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