Posted by: Richard | January 25, 2010

Sloan Fellowship – the first three weeks

Imagine bringing together 55 successful senior global executives in the best business school in the world for a year to examine their careers, their successes and their failures.  This is what I am a part of with the Sloan Fellowship at London Business School.

Us lucky individuals get to learn from the best professors in world who have put their ideas into action at some of the most prominent organizations and can tell you about what works, what doesn’t and why.  However, professors and books are really only half (and probably a lot less) of this education.  The education comes from the other 54 leaders in the class, who have experience from start-ups to global multinationals and from techies to PhD scientists.

The first three weeks have been a fascinating examination of who we are (through personality tests, 360 degree feedback, class interaction and direct feedback).  We have examined what has made us successful and whether those skills will continue to help us to be successful.  Many of us are using the classroom to try new communication, work and leadership methods.

I feel particularly lucky as I am one of the younger participants (the average age is 39) and am using my time to soak up as much knowledge from others within my class as possible.  I believe that learning is about understanding how to solve problems, and I eagerly engage with others to understand how ideas from class relate to their experience.

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