Posted by: Richard | March 18, 2010

The first semester

Wow!  What a wild run this has been.  Coming back to school in London, I assumed that I would have time out for dinner and drinks with friends, weekends at galleries and maybe a couple of cheeky trips to Europe to sample a different culture.

How wrong I was.  In coming back to school, I have had to make significant monetary sacrifices: paying tuition, living in central London, foregoing my salary.  These all result in this being a very expensive year of education (though one I still ardently believe will pay off 10 to 1).  Based on my  investment, I’m not here to waste my time, and work hard to complete all the readings, case work, group work and projects.  Thankfully, the rest of my class is the same, which makes the program very engaging.

My focus on getting the most out of this year has resulted in a life that sees me either at school or in my office at home.   While I try to take a couple of breaks each week, these usually end up with me choosing a supermarket 30+ minutes away as a means of ensuring I get some fitness and a break from class.  I have worked hard to have a dinner out with my wife and beers with classmates, but I know I haven’t had anywhere near what I expected.

As spring descends upon London it is nice to finish this  first semester and feel comfortable with what I have learned and how I have applied my knowledge.   Going forward, my course load will be reduced by one course a semester.  This may not seem like much, but that one course is 3 hours in class + 5 to 8 hours out of course a week.  I am going to relish time spent with my wife, my friends and my classmates in the pubs, at restaurants, at galleries and in the hills, walking and enjoying the English spring weather!

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