Posted by: Richard | April 18, 2010

Cycling in the Chilterns: Amersham Circuit

Life is grand when spring arrives.  Up early and on the train for an early ride around the Chilterns.  First time on my bike in 6 months, and I clock up 50 kms on country roads, through farmer fields and up and down hills.

The first 5-10 km had me wanting to scream aloud with pleasure.  At several points, I was giggling to myself as I went between fields with farm animals and birds tweeted overhead.  The smells of the countryside and spring were simply too good.

As the day went on, the joy remained, though truth be told the last 10 km’s had me less energetically joyous, though still remarkably joyous for a body adjusting to a long morning in the saddle.

I just rode my bike in a circle, and named it The Amersham Circuit The route is here:

It’s a nice ride, with a few bits on busy roads, but a lot on small country lanes.  There are a couple of really steep hills (15%) and the roads have some potholes that are hard to see with the trees and the shade.  The last main stretch up Latimer Road was a really poor road, and I wish I had a mountain bike to get through it.

I am already excited for next weeks ride!

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