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    1. How are the feet? If it makes you feel any better, it is day 4 of the stampede and my feet are in agony from cowboy boots.

      Hope you guys are doing well. I look forward to all of your updates – they are just terrific.

      Be safe… you’re almost there!


    2. Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for the note. Great to hear from you. We had a wonderful vacation. No snow yet but they are calling for it on Friday. Still trying to sell the house and finish the other. I read Richard’s blog which was very entertaining! It is so fun to live vicariously through your adventure.

      Have a great time.



    3. Well done! I enjoyed the blog – it brought back lots of memories of my own epic on the GR5 in 1992.

      Planning on doing the GR52A in Provence this year – getting a bit old for the Big Ones in the real Alps! Should cross the GR5 at St Sauveur sur Tinee – nice town.

      Enjoy your walks!

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